5 Best Places To Visit In Mexico In 2021

The Underwater Museum of Art was established in 2009 and is an underwater arts museum on the Cancun coast, in the waters of Isla Mujeres and Punta Nizuc. Dedicated to the art of conservation, it is designed to attract less visited aligned parts of coral reefs so that other highly disturbed parts have a chance to recover. The two exhibitions consist of about 500 sculptures, with one side suitable for divers and the other side only for diving. All works of art are made of materials designed to promote biodiversity and the growth of different types of algae and underwater plants. You can visit the museum yourself or join a guided diving tour, leaving Cancun by speedboat, to see it elegantly. Agua Azul is a picturesque waterfall located in the state of Chiapas, about 60 km from Palenko.

The city of Isamal is unique, which will resonate in your memory forever. Izamal is called “Yellow City” because every building in this city is painted yellow. If you don’t see this brilliant colonial city frowning backwards, you can destroy the footprints of the ancient Mayans in the city center. Anyway, this colonial city is worth a visit, even if it’s just a day trip from Merida. Mexico is a truly diverse country and has everything from beautiful beaches and a vibrant nightlife to the rich cultural landscape.

Day trips to the nearby island of Mejeris are very popular and enjoyable. During the summer months, when sharks migrate to the waters north of Cancun, Aquaworld offers shuttle from Airport swimming tours with these cute giants in the open sea. Skyrider, intrusion version of Aquaworld, is another fun activity you can try while you are in Cancun.

Akumal Beach is one of the most wonderful white sand beach areas in Mexico, but most tourists who come to Akumal do so for more than just the opportunity to swim on its wonderful beach. Akumal, in fact, is known for the opportunity to swim with turtles! It is not correct that the term Akumal is the Mayan word that literally means the location of the turtle.

However, the city underwent a great transformation, public places were cleaned and brought back to life. With the emergence of fast-paced world restaurants and a thriving cultural scene, Mexico City has slowly become a haven for food lovers and jazz fans. But even history enthusiasts will discover that the best attraction in the city is its rich history and many museums dedicated to preserving Mexican heritage. Mexico City should definitely be visited and its name will soon be mentioned among great people such as New York City, Rome, Paris and Berlin. The automaker will surely book a tour of the city’s attractions to see all the highlights and precious stones provided by Mexico City. Mazatlán, once famous in the mid-20th century thanks to 20 km of sandy beaches, once again attracts tourists to its historical sites, educational museums and golden beaches.

It has quickly become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Cancun and is required when consulting the Cancun list of activities. You don’t have to stay in a complete place to have a good time, once we stayed in a hotel in the center of Cancun and we really enjoyed exploring on foot, enjoying the nightlife and having a more immersive experience. Contoy Island has been designated as a national park and only 200 people are allowed on the island every day. After exploring the island, it’s time to get into the water to dive into Mexico’s wonderful coral reefs. If you are not ready to dive, diving is one of our favorite things in Cancun.