Current auctions & auctions with We don’t have good prices! We have super prizes
We are a professional private company based in Styria, which is practically and precisely committed to online auctions and auctions.Fair prices and low cost, this is exactly where we focus. We not only create the best auction solutions for you, but also direct ourselves to your target perspective.

We promise you nothing, we do it… and we have been doing it for years! all over Austria – Vienna, Salzburg, Burgenland, Vorarlberg, Upper Austria – Linz, Lower Austria – St.Pölten, Tyrol – Innsbruck, Carinthia – Klagenfurt.
We have all the goods for extremely good prices. It’s worth checking in with us.

Current auctions & auctions with
Do you have returned goods or production surpluses that you would like to sell by auction?
We have the best marketing and recovery solutions for you. Or do you need alternative business resolutions?

What is – Auctions & auctions from Austria
Want an item with the best price? Then take a look at
We have tests of new auctions and auctions in all product groups for unbeatable prices. is your champion for fair price auctions with skill and simple procedures.
According to our motto: “I want this prize! “we make our customers happy.
who are we?

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