Fly With Agaric Mushrooms

I have never eaten European species, species of muscaria with a red cap from the United States, or Amanita pantherina, a cousin. He seems to be saying that it’s okay to eat, for example, a whole fly agaric mushroom or a whopper slice) and that the bad press is due to excessive consumption, say, 2 or more mushrooms, which sounds silly anyway. If we allowed rude stupidity to rule our lives, it is unknown what would happen … I gave my cat a teaspoon of muscarian amanita and it was missing by …

B cycled through the forests in the city forests of Bratislava at a considerable distance from paved roads. Muscaria near the path and decided to eat them with the intention of experiencing psychoactive effects. He immediately consumed one and a half raw mushroom caps. To be precise – only the gills of the mushrooms – inspired by his perception that they were half eaten by snails and snails. After 15-30 minutes he started to experience nausea and ‘reduced frame rate’ of perception. At this point, he tried to contact a friend via instant messaging, but the text was too incoherent.

Santa’s modern image dates back to a fusion of various characters from the popular European tradition. More recently, suggestions have been made implying that Siberian use out of combat may have played a role in the development of the Santa Claus legend as well. Once his ceremonies had been performed, he would leave the same way he entered. The modern Santa is now dressed in the same colors as the fly agaric who wears a sack overflowing with gifts, entering and leaving the house through the fireplace, can fly with reindeer and resides in the “Far North”. Also known as Amanita Muscaria, this is a large, distinctive, “magical” fungus commonly found in the British Isles, North America, Europe, Siberia, and Asia with strong psychedelic effects.

Sometimes the experience becomes very dissociative, with a lack of awareness of the environment for several hours.

In 1860, British mycologist Mordechai Cubitt Cooke published The Seven Sisters of the Dream, which contains chapters on various psychoactive plants and their effects, including A. The book is closely linked to Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland story, which some consider inspired by a psychedelic experience. Paradoxical cliffs, missing cats, a caterpillar sitting on mushrooms that smoke a hookah and, most revealing of all, eat the fungus with the advice that ‘one side will make you bigger, the other side will shorten you’. That said, there is no evidence that Lewis Carroll has taken A. Given the mycoophobia of the time, it is highly unlikely. Instead, it has been suggested that Alice’s story closely follows the description of the experience described in Seven Sisters of Sleep.

The fungus has been widely transported to the southern hemisphere, including New Zealand, Australia, South America, and South Africa, generally found below introduced pines. Although not related to other psychoactive fungi such as the Psilocybe species, it has also been used in shamanic crops to connect with the spirit world. The main psychoactive compound in this fungus is muscimol, and its effects are different from those of psilocybin-containing fungi. Ibothenic acid is the prodrug for muscimol; During the drying of the fungus, ibotenic acid is decarboxylated in muscimol.

Common winter rituals included drying and chaining agaric fly mushrooms near the home. To this day, many people around the world still decorate the family home and Christmas tree with corn popcorn strings, blueberries, and mushroom decorations. It is a reminder that many winter solstice traditions buy fly agaric have long forgotten stories presented on modern secular festivities, including Christmas holidays. Muscaria have been reported in historical journal articles and newspaper reports, but with modern medical treatment, deadly poisoning from swallowing this fungus is extremely rare.