instant pot crack chicken recipe

Crack Chicken sounds like an unusual name and I don’t have any idea how it got its name. Delicious chicken bites instant pot crack chicken recipe are just referred to as crack chicken. In some states like Michigan, delicious chicken wings done in secret spices are referred to as crack chicken.

This instant pot chicken recipe is a keeper. Six ingredients and 15 minutes are what you need to make this Instant Pot crack chicken.It is creamy, cheesy, and with crispy bacon in every bite(yum..). You can have this in so many ways. Pile it onto a sandwich, serve it over pasta, or make a wrap, this makes an awesome meal.

This keto chicken instant pot recipe has nothing fried in it. Chicken and bacon have loads of protein which is your principal component of the keto diet. The carbs are very limited to what the chicken and cheese have.

Cream cheese and cheddar provide healthy fat in this recipe. All you need is some greens to go with this.Cooking Chicken in an Instant pot is so convenient. It takes less than 15 minutes (including the time to come to full pressure) to bring the meal to the table. The chicken turns out juicy and tender every single time.Making crack Chicken in an Instant pot is really easy. Starting from cooking bacon and till the end, everything can be done in the Instant Pot itself.

You could cook bacon separately on the stovetop. But when cooked in the IP itself, all those brown bits at the bottom will add lots of flavours. I prefer doing it this way and have found those caramelized bits on the bottom imparting some deliciousness to the stock.

Most of the recipes call for adding cream cheese and cheese along with the chicken to cook. But cooking cream cheese and cheddar for so long kills the subtle flavours and gives a wired taste. So first cook chicken, along with seasoning. Then to the end add cream cheese and cheese.

Another best thing about making Crack Chicken in the instant pot is you can use frozen chicken as well. I will provide detailed instructions in the recipe for using frozen chicken.

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