Power on Power Up

Power up is the act of turning on a computer, computer peripheral, or other electrical devices. Turning on the computer is commonly accomplished by pressing the Power on Power Up the top or front of a computer. Other ways to turn on a computer include a switch on the back of the computer or the power button above the keyboard for a laptop computer.

The Power Up! tool allows you to wake up a computer that has been powered off from any computer with a web browser.

PowerUp! is an effort to help conserve energy at the University of Iowa. Many faculty and staff members use Remote Desktop to access office computers while at home or traveling. This requires computers to be powered on 24 hours a day. PowerUp! allows the University community to conserve energy while away from the office by shutting down or putting their computer to sleep. Power Up provides the flexibility to turn on your workstations if you need to access them remotely.

This Science NetLinks resource challenges you to think about the positive and negative consequences of various types of power. The site provides you with a specific monetary budget, which you can use to purchase power plants for your city. As you choose your types of power, you will learn how much power the plant provides, how much it costs, and the effect it could have on the environment.

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