Psychosocial Nursing Diagnosis

Society plays a critical role in everyone life. Nevertheless, that society only made and destroyed people mentality. Common factors which aggravate such disorder are peer pressure, judgmental view; social media to plays a full impact role for mental pressure. another factors which enhance this illness are fear of not accepted in society, social, financial and financial condition , family issue, religion matter.

These all factors hit at heart to a private , and sometimes it becomes so severe that it results in patient suffer from schizophrenia or substance abuse . to beat the trauma psychosocial nursing diagnosis method is employed .

Psychosocial nursing diagnosis list

1. cognitive disorder

The cognitive disorder is that the state during which the person’s mental development are going to be damaged .brain cells gradually gets dead or sometimes short term amnesia occurs. a number of the opposite examples are Dementia, Alzheimer, and amnesia. 

2. Edible disorder

These diseases cause poor nutrition and cause a critical disorder like weakness. Symptoms are vomiting. The patient will feel to vomit whatever he consumes. samples of this disorder are anorexia, bulimia nervosa.

3. Mood swing

Mood swing are some things everyone faces. However, sometimes severe anxiety becomes a reason for concern. this example are some things during which an individual isn’t during a state to regulate his or her own emotions. an individual becomes out of control. Depression and stress are the roots of this significant disorder.

4. Adjustment disorder

No one wants to vary , especially not in life. People feel discomfort if their world gets the wrong way up . However, ordinary people start adjusting in consistent with their environment moreover can say they adapt it well. However, the person facing this disorder gets phobia of changes. They were battling fear of latest places, from modern human or update objects.

5.physical disorder

Many diseases arise thanks to patients psychological state , a bit like diabetes patients produces stress disorder. These disorder must be cut it out from roots, and this will be through with the assistance of psychosocial nursing diagnosis.

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