Teeth And Gum Care

Deze coating beschermt de tand tegen ontleding en gaat over het algemeen lang mee. Het derde deel van uw dagelijkse mondverzorgingsroutine moet mondwater zijn, maar niet zomaar mondwater. Spoel je mond na twee tot drie minuten poetsen met een mondwater.

For a healthy smile you have to practice good oral hygiene every day. Post-meal brushing, the use of antimicrobial mouthwash and flossing at least once a day help prevent these bacteria from reproducing bacteria in the mouth and causing tooth decay. And healthy diets that minimize sugary and starchy foods also help control those bad bacti. Brushing at least twice a day is one of the most important oral care habits because it keeps teeth and mouth healthy. The use of fluoride-based toothpaste also stimulates the gums and helps prevent gum and cavity disease. Heart disease: If you ignore long-term oral care, gingivitis is likely to develop.

For example, a study found that mouthwash containing chlorhexidine, an antibacterial ingredient, helps fight plaque and gingivitis. Mouth rinses with certain Zahnarzt Solothurn essential oils are also effective, according to a meta-analysis. Without treatment, caries or gum problems can lead to pain, confidence and tooth loss.

Chewing gum disease occurs when plaque builds up along the gum line. Chewing gum disease is an infection of the tissue that supports teeth. There are also indications that gum disease is related to heart disease. Experts are unsure whether gum disease gives you a greater chance of heart disease or vice versa. Move the brush through the teeth with a small circular motion . Do not press so hard that the bristles are flat against the teeth.

Undistorted plaque and tartar not only cause decomposition, but will also get under the gums and lead to serious gum disease. Finally, the disease process can be so advanced that the only treatment is tooth extraction. If you don’t floss regularly, building plaque and tartar can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Experts recommend that people see a dentist every 6 months for check-up. During a routine dental examination, a hygienist will brush your teeth and remove plaque and hardened tartar.

Mondverzorging levert een belangrijke bijdrage aan de mondgezondheid en kan in de toekomst helpen de behoefte aan uitgebreide tandheelkundige ingrepen te verminderen. De aanbevelingen van ADA voor mondzorg zijn gebaseerd op gegevens uit klinische onderzoeken en systematische reviews. Een uitstekende manier om voor je tanden te zorgen, is door te voorkomen dat je grote hoeveelheden suiker consumeert. Suiker is iets dat aan de tanden blijft plakken en extreem tandbederf kan veroorzaken.